MISP Challenge 2021

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MISP Challenge 2021 has been accepted as a Signal Processing Grand Challenge (SPGC) of ICASSP 2022!Please refer to https://2022.ieeeicassp.org/call_for_grandchallenges.php for more details of ICASSP 2022 SPGC.

We will recommend 5 papers to ICASSP 2022. The selection principles are as follows:

  1. Only teams registered before December 28th, 2021 [11:59 p.m. AoE] will be allowed to join the leaderboard of evaluation set.
  2. The final top 5 of the two tasks will be on the shortlist. These teams need to submit a concise but clear technical report to the committee before January 24th, 2022 [11:59 p.m. AoE]. If there is a team which is the top 5 of two tasks at the same time, only one technical report is required and the technical report needs to include two tasks.
  3. We will review the technical report from the perspectives of ranking, innovation and compliance, and finally select 5 teams for the ICASSP SPGC submission.
  4. The final 5 papers (NOT TECHNICAL REPORT) submission deadline is January 31th, 2022. The papers must be formatted according to the instructions in the ICASSP 2022 Paper Kit and will undergo the normal review process but expedited due to the tight deadline. The review committee consists of the challenge organizers, SPGC chairs and TPC chairs so that each paper can have 2-3 reviewers.

The challenge considers the problem of audio-visual distant multi-microphone conversational wake-up and speech recognition in everyday home environments. Both audio and video data are collected in a home TV scenario, where several people are chatting while watching TV in the living room, and they can interact with a smart speaker/TV.


MISP Challenge 2021 features two tasks:

  1. Audio-Visual Wake Word Spotting
  2. Audio-Visual Speech Recognition with Oracle Speaker Diarization

Participants are able to submit to either one track or both.

On this web site you will find everything you need to get started, including,

  • A task overview providing details of the motivation and recording set up
  • For both Task 1 and Task 2
    1. A description of the training, development and evaluation datasets
    2. Baseline recognition and evaluation tools
    3. A detailed description of the challenge rules
    4. Instructions on how to submit your results
  • A download center with links to all tools and data packages.

Planned Schedule(AOE Time)

  • October 20th, 2021 : Registration opens
  • October 25th, 2021 : Training and development set release
  • November 8th, 2021 : Baseline system releases
  • December 1st, 2021 : Leaderboard update for development set
  • January 1st, 2022 : Evaluation set release and leaderboard update for evaluation set
  • January 23th, 2022 : Leaderboard freeze for evaluation set
  • January 31th, 2022 : ICASSP 2022 SPGC paper submission
  • February 10th, 2022 : ICASSP 2022 SPGC paper acceptance
  • February 17rd, 2022 : ICASSP 2022 SPGC camera-ready papers due and challenge report submission
  • May 22th - May 27th, 2022 : ICASSP 2022 SPGC session


Jun Du

University of Science and Technology of China

Chin-Hui LEE

Georgia Institute of Technology

Jingdong Chen

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Shinji Watanabe

Carnegie Mellon University

Siniscalchi Sabato Marco

Kore University of Enna

Odette Scharenborg

Delft University of Technology

Contact Us

For additional information, please email us at mispchallenge@gmail.com.

Also, welcome to join our Google group .


For additional information, please email us at mispchallenge@gmail.com.